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New podcast featuring local artists…

including the podcast below can be found HERE

1. “What Made Me Kill,” Drunken Prayer;

2. “Truelove,” First Name Michael;
3. “Heaven Help Us,” The Lonesomes;
4. “End of Trepidation,” The Accolades;
5. “The Devil and I,” Seahorse;
6. “Who Brought the Cake to the Party,” Jon Itkin;
7. “Utah Zen,” The Imprints;

8. “Chemicals,” Lisa Mann;
9. “Get it On,” James Sasser;
10.”Real Love, Baby,” Andi Starr;
11. “If You Loved Anyone,” Jacob Borshard;
12. “Five Years in Nashville,” Scotland Barr & The Slow Drags;

Look for albums from the above musicians at CDBaby.
These musicians are all actively gigging around town; check out their individual web sites for dates and locations for live performances.


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Wah-Hooo! New Site Here

Thanks for the sponsor support for The Stonewailer’s new site at

This is now a subscriber-based blog, $2/month for all the local music concert and playlist podcasts you can stand for less than a trip to some money grubbing, corporate espresso joint for a grande, half-caff, whatever….

Musicians, no payola problem here. If you want access to podcasts of your own stuff, drop me a note and I can send you a link without charging you the subscription fee.

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