The Stonewailer

Local. Live. Music. Here.

What if…


There was a place online where music-lovers could go to listen to and read about live local (Oregon, SW Washington) bands that are playing this week, or that have CDs available?


How often have you scanned through the paper, or listened to local radio with the goal of attaining information on up-coming performances of local musicians, only to find that very little, or vague, information is available?

You want to support local musicians, but you are frustrated with the lack of local coverage, and you are uninterested in paying for a blind date with a band.

Venue owners, bookers, club managers

Do you represent a local venue? Are you frustrated with the empty seats generated by unknown local talent? You want to draw in paying customers, right?

If only paying customers could hear playlists that feature some of the local artists that you are hosting. Or, better still, if potential patrons could listen to a concert online, and be enticed to catch the act live.

Bands, musicians

You know people will like your sound, but how do you get venues to give you a shot? How do you fill those seats? Why does it feel like no one is responding to your MySpace invites?

If only potential groupies could hear part or all of your live set, new CD, or demo tracks.

Welcome to The Stonewailer

The place to get the buzz going online about your band. This is the home of an online podcast/blog featuring solely local, unsigned, indie talent.

To read a copy of the recording/broadcasting statement, check out the LEGAL page here.


There is no need to cram a plea for funding for a site like this down musician’s throats, the money just isn’t there.

However, it would be nice to get some input from music-lovers, venues, and other interested parties on keeping the site fresh and cost effective for the people putting it together, or it may start with a bang and then fizzle out.

For thoughts, or suggestions, please check out some potential revenue stream considerations here.


1) To engage in delaying tactics; stall. 2) To refuse to answer or cooperate.

1) To grieve or protest loudly and bitterly; lament. 2) To make a prolonged, high-pitched sound suggestive of a cry.

Please donate $2 each month to keep this podcast/blog kicking. Click on the “tip jar” above, or send cash to 11112 SW 62nd Ave., Portland OR 97219. Word.


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