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1. “Delta Dive,” by Scotland Barr & the Slow Drags, with Rachel Taylor Brown singing backup, from “Legionnaires Disease.” The album was recorded and produced by Rob Stroup (Baseboard Heaters and The Imprints) at 8 Ball Studios in Portland OR. The CD contains guest appearances from an arsenal of Portland’s best musicians including Steve Wilkinson (Gravel Pit and Mission 5), Rachel Taylor Brown, Marilee Horde (Golden Delicious) Derek Brown (A.C. Cotton, Stephen Ashbrook and James Low), Rich Landar (Richmond Fontaine and King Black Acid), Skip Von Kuske (Vagabond Opera), Chris Robley (The Sort Ofs and The Imprints) and Portland’s undisputed king of one-man-bands, Pug Bernhardt.

2. “Save Yourself,” by Andi Starr, from “Leaving the White Line.” The title track to “Leaving the White Line” is about leaving the old structures and old ways behind. The songs on this album are travel songs. I don’t mean that they’re happy, sing-along, girl-strumming her guitar songs, but travel songs in the sense of a person on the move, metaphorically, from one place to the next.

3. “1:1.6,” by The Lonesomes, from “Quick Fixes & Power Trips.” Phil Favorite, guitarist Mark Dybvig (of Thrillbilly fame), Drummer Robyn Hercey and bassist Mark Zehr. Brian Berg, best known for his frontman work with Portland stalwarts 44 Long, is back in the producer’s chair following up his work on The Lonesomes well-received debut, Circling The Sun.

3.5 The line 12 stop.

4. “Chinatown,” by James Sasser, from “The Melcliff.” The Melcliff, titled for the SE Portland apartment Sasser lived in while writing the record.

5. “La cour des miracles,” “Le puzzle,” by Eric John Kaiser, from “L’ODyssee.” As an “Urban Troubadour” Eric John Kaiser’s journey started in Paris and it has taken him all over the world. His first album, “L’ODyssée”, was recorded in the summer of 2006 in France.

6. “Do You Still Love Me,” by Lisa Mann, from “Self Material.” Mann has received the Cascade Blues Association’s Muddy Waters Award for Best Bass.

6.5 WinCo steak search.

7. “Fake Mushrooms,” by Professor Gall, from “Intravenous Delusion.”

8. “Vertigogh,” by Caravan Gogh. Caravan Gogh formed in December 2005 when Gideon Freudmann, cello, Jim D’Ville, Ukulele, Brian Oberlin, mandolin and Calen Uhlig, bass, met one day at Artichoke Music in Portland, Oregon. From the first rehearsal, the band began creating a new genre, bending styles of acoustic string music with overtones of rock, swing, funk, jazz and mysterioso.

9. “Unless I get Drafted,” by Jon Itkin, from “Oregon.” Itkin is hard at work on his second album, due out in 2007.

10. “So Much forward,” by Mark Twain Indians, from “Gap Between the Rich and the Poor”. Mark Twain Indians took shape in 2005 when John Elkins, Dylan Hall, and Nic Moen met up with Ted Easton and started collaborating on a number of songs. They spent the next year working to develop their unique sound. With a wide range of influences, they have compiled a sound that can be described as beautiful, thoughtful rock music. The band entered the studio in February of 2006 to begin work on their first album, “Gap Between the Rich and the Poor”. At this time, keyboardist John Mckillip, which rounded out their unique sound and served to complete their vision of where the band was headed, had joined them. Mark Twain Indians want to see you all at their shows very soon!

11. “Ways to Make You Laugh,” by The Accolades, from a 2006 demo from Loophole Records. Playing the Buffalo Room, March 16, 2007, 9 p.m.

12. “Just Beyond the Hill,” by Seahorse, from the CD of the same name. Salem-based Rich Swanger is the creator of Seahorse. Conceived and aged in the crisp-wooded beauty of Central Pennsylvania, Swanger was raised on a steady diet of popular 70’s and 80’s country music.

13. “She’s an Angel,” by the Robert Rude Band, from “Arcade.” Robert ( Rude ) Brown has been a Portland, Oregon singer/songwriter for many years. He formed bands of Portland Past like: Black Rodeo, Nimble Darts, Robert Rude and the Attitude. Robert ( Rude ) Brown, Jerome, Ken Broadfoot, Mike Montgomery.


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