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Gossip Column Goes Live This Week

This is a call for entries:

Musicians if you, your band or someone you know (venues, studios, other bands, etc.) have a hot tip (new CDs in the works or releases coming up, free t-shirt giveaways, bad dealings with local media, etc.) I want to know about it.

The Stonewailer is starting a Gossip Column for, about, and submitted by local musicians.

You can reply to this blog, email tips to, or go directly to the site and submit from there!

Thanks y’all.


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New podcast featuring local artists…

including the podcast below can be found HERE

1. “What Made Me Kill,” Drunken Prayer;

2. “Truelove,” First Name Michael;
3. “Heaven Help Us,” The Lonesomes;
4. “End of Trepidation,” The Accolades;
5. “The Devil and I,” Seahorse;
6. “Who Brought the Cake to the Party,” Jon Itkin;
7. “Utah Zen,” The Imprints;

8. “Chemicals,” Lisa Mann;
9. “Get it On,” James Sasser;
10.”Real Love, Baby,” Andi Starr;
11. “If You Loved Anyone,” Jacob Borshard;
12. “Five Years in Nashville,” Scotland Barr & The Slow Drags;

Look for albums from the above musicians at CDBaby.
These musicians are all actively gigging around town; check out their individual web sites for dates and locations for live performances.

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Wah-Hooo! New Site Here

Thanks for the sponsor support for The Stonewailer’s new site at

This is now a subscriber-based blog, $2/month for all the local music concert and playlist podcasts you can stand for less than a trip to some money grubbing, corporate espresso joint for a grande, half-caff, whatever….

Musicians, no payola problem here. If you want access to podcasts of your own stuff, drop me a note and I can send you a link without charging you the subscription fee.

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Annalisa Tornfelt, Live at Laurelthirst – 3.9.07

Check out this fantastic podcast from Annalisa Tornfelt at the Laurelthirst.

Tornfelt was one of the opening acts for the Jon Itkin CD release show this night.

The Stonewailer apologizes for some of the buzzing on vocals, it seems that there was an issue with one of the mains hanging from the ceiling.

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THIS JUST IN: Loaner Bootlegging Gear!

3.8.07 UPDATE:

The Stonewailer now has available TWO(!) loner portable recording devices and stereo mics for bootlegging gigs for podcast on this site. Follow the directions under “Contact” to request the equipment for your show.


From 2.28.07:

I’m looking for volunteer music reviewers in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

I’m also looking for people with portable recording equipment to make bootlegs of local musicians’ live gigs around town (for podcast from this site). Generally a stereo mic and a mp3 recorder with a line-in port will do the trick.

Click here if you are interested.

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Scotland Barr & The Slow Drags, Live at the Kenton Club, 3.2.07

If you missed it, no worries, you can listen to this fantastic set from SBSD at the World Famous Kenton Club, in North Portland, here. The gig was bootlegged this past Friday.

Unfortunately the recording does not capture the audience, which came complete with twin drunk, dueling Bad Santas, and an inebriated, overly-tanned geriatric urban cow-poke and his missus – who the cow-poke pile-drove, noggin-first, into one of the Slow Drags’ amplifiers. Good times.

This podcast not yet sponsored.

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Portlander Jacob Borshard Wins Drew Barrymore with Music, Lyrics

Somewhere along the coast that borders Oregon and California, Jacob Borshard was pulling a small trailer last month. It derailed along a stretch of Oregon State Highway One, but the chains held…

Full story here: 

– The Stonewailer, 03.02.07

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Mark Twain Indians, Live Gig at Ash Street Saloon: 2.24.07

Catch this great set from MTI at Ash Street. More info, including band bio, upcoming gigs, and the Ash Street set list will be here soon.

This podcast not yet sponsored.

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Drunken Prayer, Live at Dante’s: 2.23.07

More info to come on this concert, but I wanted to get it up tonight, so I’ll add stuff like the set list later.

Sorry for the crackling during the first song. I had to adjust the gain on my equipment. Here is the gig.

This podcast not yet sponsored.

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Elliott Smith’s Old Piano

Nick Jaina, on tour in California to promote his sensational new CD “The 7 Stations,” told me back in December 2006 that he was recording a new album of piano songs with Elliott Smith’s old piano that used to be in Jackpot Records…

Full story here:

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