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New Podcasts

2.17.07 podcast here. Playlist details here. Let me know your thoughts, concerns, or suggestions. This podcast sponsored by a generous donation from Secret Aardvark Hot Sauce:

p.s. great hot sauce!


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Some viewers of this blog have reported problems with script codes appearing on the main blog page, as well as problems getting the audio to stream.

This seems to be isolated to viewers running Internet Explorer. It may be that WordPress is having problems. I’m not sure.

Let me know if you are running into problems….

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Portlander’s Music Video Live on YouTube

Eric John Kaiser, Portland’s resident French troubadour, has just made available a music video, directed by Adrien Coché, of the song “L’ODyssée” from Kaiser’s first album of the same name.

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Portland Audio/Video Underground

Future den of indie concert podcasts, interviews, videos, and Flash animation. Check back. D.D. Faux

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